Organic Packaging!


This innovative packaging for certified organic milk is made of biodegradable thermoplastics and is designed to illustrate the natural quality of the product.

Food packaging plays a central part in the perception of the quality value of a product. In addition to high recognisability, the message about the quality of the product is a primary element in the process of package design. A premium natural product like milk deserves adequate packaging. This was the premise for the concept conceived in the framework of this diploma dissertation. The packaging does not, as customary in the trade, consist of glass or carton but biodegradable plastic. The special challenge in this context is to combine material properties with function. The seal functions according to the principle of material tension. To open the packaging, the tension is released. To close it again the tension is restored. Disposable caps or sealings are unnecessary. A freshness gauge integrated into the packaging material tells the consumer if the milk is still fresh. When the milk turns sour, the freshness gauge changes colour.

The innovative package for organic milk consists of biodegradable thermoplastics which are supposed to accentuate the naturalness of the product. Consequently, high-quality premium products also receive a sophisticated appearance. Due to the compostability of the material, the package does not remain durable longer than necessary. The concept communicates ‘freshness’ and, because of its rolling lines, appears attractive and authentic, almost sculptural. The form is intended to convey the message of the content in any of its functional and formal attributes. This design makes the package stand out explicitly from conventional packaging.